Graduate Abroad Programme

Graduate Abroad Programme

This Programme of Tansian University which was run by the Directorate of Exchange and Linkage Programmes (DELP)is now been run by EASTLAND SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES. Under this, we run two-year courses of the collaborating universities: University of Northern Philippines and Pangasinan State University, Philippines. On completion of the two (2) years, the student proceeds to Philippines to do another two (2) years, after which he would graduate with the B.Sc of the Philippine University he last attended.

The courses we offere are:

1. Accountancy
2. Business Administration
3. Marketing
4. Banking/Finance.

1. Economics
2. Public Administration
3. Political Science
4. Mass communication

1. Microbiology
2. Computer Science


The Tuition Fees are the same whether the student is in Nigeria or abroad, for all first degree programmes. The fees per SEMESTER are as follows;
S/N Description Amount (NGN)
1 Tuition Fees 55,000
2 Dev. Fees 20,000
3 Library etc 25,000
Total 100,000

Other Fees
1. Screening Fee 3,000
2. Registration/Acceptance 10,000
3. Hostel Fees Per Session 20,000

Visa Processing Fees
Before a student finally travels to Philippines, he is required to pay a final visa fee of N300,000.00 for our Students (400,000 for outside Students) which would be used to process his documents and the visa for him. Bank: All payments are to be made into our ECO Bank, Account Number: 2323060184 of the SCHOOL

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