Exchange and Linkage Programme

Exchange and Linkage Programme
Since Nigerian economy started plunging downward in 1983, the youths have particularly born the brunt of its negative consequences. Several economic factors have been responsible for lack of jobs, massive youth unemployment, and lack of admission opportunities, poor educational facilities and incessant strikes in the system. All these have impacted negatively on the future of our youths. Further, insecurity, collapse of infrastructural facilities, close-down of industries and relocation of others to neighbouring African countries, coupled with breakdown in power and water supply, all portend a bleak future for our youths. The youths have first of all to contend with admission problems into the university. If they get the course of their choice, then, they have to be on constant prayers so that there will be no or prolonged strike which would normally make them spend more years than they are supposed to. After overcoming all these problems and eventually graduating after about six years( for a four- year course) or eight years (for a six-year course), the young graduate would begin to face the real monster; Unemployment.
This monster called UNEMPLOYMENT is an evil that tends to make the life of the youths nasty, poor, brutish and short. It could lead many to crime, with its ugly consequences.

Thank God in July 2013, we succeeded in establishing a collaboration arrangement with two universities in Philippines; the University of Northern Philippines (UNP), and Pangasinan State University (PSU). Under this arrangement, a student would spend his/her first two years (of the four-year B.Sc Degree programme) here in Eastland School of Arts and Sciences and then, fly abroad to UNP or PSU, and do the remaining two years to complete the four- year Degree programme. The student would graduate with the Degree of that overseas university.

When the student eventually travels abroad, he/she will still be enjoying the same tuition fees he was paying when he/she was in Eastland School. In other words, he/she will still be paying exactly the same tuition fees in the overseas University (UNP or PSU) as he/she was paying in Nigeria. And in the same Bank Account as he/she was paying in Eastland School .Infact, there will be no change of fees and there is no foreign exchange problem.

The world is now a global village and therefore, skilled labor could move from one country to another for employment purposes. One of the reasons that informed the establishment of this Exchange and Linkage Programme is to open up overseas employment opportunities for the students. Once the student finalizes his degree programme, he has a lot of opportunities starring him at his face. He could return home to Nigeria for his NYSC, or he could negotiate to other advanced countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, China etc, for greener pastures. It is noteworthy that Republic of Philippines adopts the educational system of America. Therefore, graduates from Philippines do not suffer the kind of contempt meted to some countries by American employers.

1. Mrs Gloria .N. Ogueze
Senior Assistant Registrar

2. Mr Peter Mmuo
Assistant Registrar

3. Mr Macdonald Nwachukwu

4. Mr Augustine Odubuasi

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