Process of Enrolment

Registration for courses by students will take place within the first two weeks of any semester. Late registration will attract a penalty as specified by the University Authority. No registration will be allowed after the expiration of the fourth week of any semester. Registration guidelines shall be distributed to students at the beginning of the registration exercise.

An orientation programme is normally arranged for new students by the appropriate organs of the University. The orientation programme is intended to enable new students to settle down, adjust, and familiarize themselves with the University environment. As part of the orientation prgramme, fresh students are able to meet the Vice-Chancellor, Principal Officers of the University and other Officials of the University. They are also introduced to the various facilities in the University, and put through the use of the Library.

Matriculation and use of the Matriculation Number
All admitted candidates shall be required to take part in a Matriculation Ceremony, which is the official acceptance of studentship into Tansian University. Students are required to take the matriculation oath and sign the matriculation declaration as a commitment that they will observe all the rules and regulations of the University. After the matriculation, students will sign the matriculation register that contains the names and matriculation numbers serially arranged by Departments in alphabetical order. No official student document may be regarded as complete or valid unless it carries the correct matriculation number. Students are therefore strongly advised to know their matriculation numbers and use these numbers on all official transactions including payment of school fees. A student will retain the matriculation number even if he/she changes College or course of study. Any student who attempts to obtain a second matriculation number or is in possession of double matriculation number will be disciplined.

Students' Identity Card
Every matriculated and registered student of Tansian University is issued an official student identity card upon payment of the prescribed fee. The identity card is renewable from session to session. Any person within the University premises may be required for reasonable cause, to identify himself upon request by authorized officials acting in the performance of their duties. Some University facilities are open only to students who are able to show their identity cards. Therefore, students are strongly advised to carry their identity cards with them always within the University premises as it may be required of them to be tendered for any reasonable cause.

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