For the purposes of the Exchange Programme, the following courses are offered by the SCHOOL:

a. Accountancy
b. Business Administration
c. Marketing
d. Banking/Finance
e. Economics
f. Public Administration
g. Computer science
h. Microbiology

The following courses are offered by the overseas Universities:

1. Medicine
2. Pharmacy
3. Nursing\Medical Laboratory Tech.\SLT
4. Computer science
5. Electrical Engineering
6. Architecture
7. Law
8. Mass communication

Medical, Pharmacy\ Nursing Students:

Students who intend to study Medicine abroad should realize that universities in Philippines and other advanced countries insist on having a B.Sc first, from any of the science disciplines such as Biology, Biochem, Microbiology, etc, before being admitted into College of Medicine. Therefore, our students are enrolled into Biology or Microbiology, where they spend two years, then travel to Philippines, spend another 2 years, then bag their B.Sc and thereafter, they are admitted into College of Medicine where they spend another eight semesters (4 years) to qualify as medical Doctors. Students who intend to read pharmacy and Nursing are also admitted into our department of Biology or Microbiology, for the two-year programme, after which they travel to Philippines for Bachelor of Pharmacy or Bachelor of Science in Nursing, where they will spend four and three years respectively to graduate.

Law Students:

To read Law in Philippines, you must have a first degree in the Arts or Management sciences. Therefore, students intending to read Law over there are admitted into our department of Political Science or Public Administration. After our usual two years, they proceed to Philippines, do another two years and obtain their first degree. Thereafter, they proceed to College of Law where they spend another three years to obtain their LL.B.
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